My focus in ministry and teaching...

I help church leaders understand why Church has become optional for many Christians, and how we can confidently respond...

I'd never been to an Evangelical church until one Sunday in October 1986, just before I turned 17.  That same evening I became a follower of Jesus Christ - and my life changed forever.

It didn't take long for me to discover the trend of Church becoming rather optional for many Christians.  Over the following years, I graduated, worked, started a family, and continued to invest myself in Church life.  I noticed how more and more Christians moved away from Church.

Then in 1997 I planted a church with my wife.  It was then that I noticed this trend really gathering pace. One of the fastest growing groups of Christians has been those leaving Church.  

And many have left mine over the years.

I completed a Doctor of Ministry Degree in 2006, that explored this phenomena.  Why were Christians leaving the church?

As those studies completed and my church planting continued, I started to be asked to teach and speak about what I had discovered.

That led to my PhD research where I have explored the relationship between consumerism and church life.  That relationship is at the heart of understanding why Christians often treat church as optional.

Where once we needed an apologetic for Christianity, we now need one for the Church.

So that's the intersection of my daily life as a church planter and for my teaching.  Exploring why the Church is vital to any possibility for knowing and following Jesus.