I've had opportunity to contribute to a few books as well as write some articles. Please see below a selection of these.


  • What does disciple-making look like in the emerging church?” Let My People Grow. Eds. Mark Greene & Tracey Cotterell. Authentic, 2006. 191-204     Amazon Link
  • “The Good News for London, UK” ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everything in between). Eds. Woodward, JR, and Scot McKnight. n.p.: Ecclesia Press, 2010. 95-96.      Amazon Link
  • “Consumerism and the Emerging Church”“The renewal of liturgy and the Emerging Church?’  in Christ in the Present Tense. Ed. Kevin Corcoran. Baker Academic, December 2010.      Amazon Link

Online Articles 

  • What’s the point of church? – Evangelical Alliance Idea Magazine 3rd March 2014       Online Link | PDF Link
  • What’s shaping you?–  The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity 11th October 2013  PDF Link
  • Why bother with theology in the vineyard? – Vineyard Churches 20th September 2012      Online Link | PDF Link
  • Practising innovation: How can worship be orderly and controlled, yet open to the Holy Spirit? – Preaching Magazine Online Link | PDF Link