All great leaders walk with a limp

I've known Carl Tuttle since I was 19.  He's one of my heroes. Carl was one of the founding leaders of the Vineyard Church movement. You can't understand how we ended up with modern worship music without reference to Carl.  

He's been in my life during my own ups and downs.  In particular, during some the darkest and hardest times I've faced.  Carl inspired me into leadership, church planting and pastoring.

Carl's leadership and life imploded in 1997.  He's finally written a book 20 years later about what happened and what he learned.  Here is my commendation for the book:

All great leaders walk with a limp.  The Holy Spirit birthed a worldwide church movement called the Vineyard. Read the most poignant story by one of the founders and limping leaders of that movement.  Reckless Mercy is a tale of the pressures of leadership that can generate failure and brokenness.  It is also the most amazing record of God’s redemption and mercy in response. - Jason Clark

BTW he's still my hero.

You can buy Carl's book in the USA & in the UK.