A stunning guide of the modern church to prepare for its future

Prof Andrew Walker's latest book is a unique tour of the last 45 years of modern church movements.  Part personal memoir, and part expert review from a world class sociologist and theologian.  The book is a masterful collection of essays, articles, and interviews.

Anyone wanting to understand the history of the modern church to prepare for its future would benefit from reading this work.  Consider this book an extended conversation with Andrew about the things he has seen and considered. A field guide and tour in person to the modern church and its likely future.

I owe a great deal to Andrew Walker.  A few years ago I had the privilege of driving Andrew by car to an event that took a day to get there and day to get back.  Over so many hours, Andrew asked as much about me, as I did about him.  Andrew had that ability to make you think what you had to say was the most interesting thing he could consider at that moment.  I, in turn, received a gracious and expansive tour of the church - the church I had been part of and a kaleidoscopic view of that which I had not.  I also received some incisive and empowering insights for the church's future.  By the end of that car ride, Andrew had invited me to consider undertaking a PhD.  That invitation changes my life as I knew it. 

On that road trip, I sat in some meetings with Andrew.  I marvelled at a depth of sharing about the church, by the people gathered.   Andrew leant over to me and whispered, 'you do know these are your traditions, your treasures, not just theirs?'  At that moment, Andrew opened a door for me into the wider church, the "Deep Church" as he calls it.  I have never been the same since. Andrew ushered me into an understanding of the church in all its faults and glory, and of a vision of what it might yet be.

This book reminded me so much of those precious few hours. 

So pull up the book and make your own road trip with Andrew as your guide.  Listen in as he talks about charismatic Christianity, C. S. Lewis, the Orthodox church, church and culture and even The Shack.  And be ushered into something wonderful in your own life.

USA $8.50

UK £6.52