SVS 2015 Annual Conference papers now online with ongoing discussions

I had a great time taking part in the 2015 Society of Vineyard Scholars.  You can download my paper from here, and details are below about how to access the other papers and ongoing discussions around them.
This year, every session from the SVS 2015 Annual Conference has a dedicated section within the SVS Forum. You should check this out for two reasons.
First, this is a great place to ask the presenters the questions that you didn’t get to ask during the conference itself. Session ran out of time? You thought of a good point after the session was over? Come and get a discussion going with the presenter and your fellow SVS members.
Second, the conference papers are also being distributed via the forum. Simply go to and navigate from there to find the sessions and papers that you are interested in.
To download the papers, you must sign in on the forum and your SVS membership dues must be up to date. For details on how to create an account and pay your membership dues, see
You can receive notifications when papers are uploaded or questions are posted in a session that you are interested in. For email notifications, head to the section for the session you are interested in and click the Notify button (next to the orange Reply button). You can also get notifications by following @vineyardsvs on Twitter or by liking the SVS Facebook page.
Our conference presenters have already begun sharing their papers and materials on the SVS forum, and more will be uploaded in the days ahead. Come and check it out!