Leadership Talk: Why what we get back is always less than what we put in


I was invited to lead the chapel service at my alma mater, the London School of Theology.  It was a privilege to return there to speak after 25 years - I graduated from there when I was 21. I was asked to speak to the student body and staff about 'the pattern of leadership', with me being the first in a series of guest speakers on that topic.

I took for my inspiration one thought, one my oldest friends shared with me last year, that he got from someone else.  That the outflows of the Christians life, especially for leaders, outweigh the inflows we get back.

I have been mulling over that idea for the last few months and finally turned it into the talk I gave.  I framed my experience of leadership in terms of how we never get back from others what we put in and we aren't supposed to. And I shared why this is the most exciting aspect and experience of leadership and service for Christians.

You can download and listen to the talk here.