Better Preaching and Teaching: How to get ahead in preparation and deliver messages that connect


I shared a talk at the annual national leaders conference for my denomination last month.  The title was, 'Better Preaching and Teaching: How to get ahead in preparation and deliver messages that connect.' You can down load audio recording with the Q&A that took place here.

My 11 tips with my notes are below, with the caveat that they are my short hand notes, under the main points and headings.  At some point I will write these into an article.

1. Preparing the Preacher - Feed your inner teacher, the most important thing is to be learning and growing - sometimes less is less….you need to be learning and growing to teach more and better - teaching other people’s materials develops you - stop trying to be original

2. Pre-paring the Preach A. Stop preparing fresh material:learn to teach from other teachers - no one starts as a school teacher and write the curriculum and books, you learn to teach form others materials - teaching is the skill of using great materials in a high impact way * Like our worship practice: start with others, then try your own later B. Give less time to preparation - you will be better - people spend too long pre-paring, and cost their churches too much money for too little return - you need perspective, you are delivering a short talk once a week that you will never do again most likely - constraints help develop skills and make you focused on what is needed C. Teach from a series plan - something that builds, and people will want to come back to hear the next part - integrate it with your social media and communications - that is part of teaching too! D. Address issues people are facing: appeal to people’s needs - anchor your talks in things people are facing, the so what it’s in it for me E. Write it out in bullet points - avoid word for word - improvisation is better - again like worship leading - be free to enjoy your talks and press into what God is doing - you need to learn that you now more than you think you do F. Have method for producing your talks - remember you are teaching, focus on aims, objectives and outcomes - me: introduction: with personal connection, hook, why this talk and signposting, then points 1,2 and 3 that build on each other, or are connected, then conclusion with invites to ministry - you can develop multiple methods/styles *** 10 things about planting - highlights that lead to discussions *** topical: introd and three points, or three steps and summer for ministry *** Exegesis: vers by vers, or theme by theme, concept *** Homely: 8 minutes and scripted *** Semiotic: follow the images and develop, unfold

3. Preaching the Preach A. Listen to the Holy Spirit - like a worship leader, watch and listen to what God is doing B. Focus on your strengths and natural style - are you better at coaching, give coaching talks - are you better a thematic speaking do themes - are you better exegesis and expository teaching - do that - add in other styles and types of speaking once you are good at one style C. Practice your communication skills: get feedback and iterate 1% a time - pace, rhythm - tonality - contact with people D. Teach less - similar to above, of preparing less put in less - less is more…. - introductions can often be reduced and recaps