Educating the future of Evangelism: joining the London School of Theology


I'm excited to have been invited to join the board of governors by my alma mater, the London School of Theology (LST).  It will be a privilege to serve this wonderful theological college. The London School of Theology  is an English interdenominational evangelical theological college based in London. LST is the largest evangelical theological college in Europe with one of the best specialist theological libraries in the UK.  You cannot understand the history of theological training for Evangelicals in the 20th  and now 21st Century without a review of the central place LST has within that.

I owe so much to LST.

1.  My theological training: I read my undergraduate degree in theology there.  Like most young students there was much I took for granted then, but now see how rich and world class my theological education was.  I wouldn't be engaged in the theological research I am know without that training.

2.  My wife:  LST was previously London Bible College, or London Bridal College as we more affectionately referred to it.  I was no exception and met the love my life and my wife Beverley Clark there.

3.  My church family:  Like all attentive boyfriends, I followed my girlfriend (now wife) to the church she was serving in.  My girlfriend had already  followed some fellow LST students to a new church plant.  They and she had were part of the first Vineyard Church planted in the UK, in its very first home group.  I came along a year later.  I fell in love with Beverley Clark and with my church family, Vineyard Churches UK&I.  Now my wife and I lead the Sutton Vineyard Church in London, that my wife and I planted in our late 20s 17 years ago.

4.  Some life long friends and mentors:  Antony Billington, Conrad Gempf, Graham McFarlane, Nick Mercer, as current and former LST staff became friends and mentors for my own theological training and development.  Then fellow students and life long friends Tony Murphy, Ewen and Pam Huffman and many others. Then most recently Krish Kandiah has become the President of LST.

So I am excited to get closer to and help this college that has a special place in my heart and life as it forges a future in the role of theological education in the 21st Century.