My talks online from Nordic Vineyard Churches Summer Camp


I had the most wonderful time in Sweden last week with Vineyard Church Family at their summer camp.  There were 1,200 people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland along with visitors from Estonia and Lithuania. Whilst I enjoy teaching, I love  even more the time time spent in-between - talking with people, sharing, and praying.  I came away refreshed myself, and so excited to see the quality of the leaders and people in the Vineyard Churches.

It was a privilege to be invited to teach and speak.  I spoke at two main sessions, and then some seminars and forums.  My main session talks are online here.

The theme for the conference was transformation and my teaching took that as it’s focus and inspiration.

My first talk was titled “Under Pressure: The Violence of the Cross and Power for Transformation.”

It was about bodies, power and the violence of the cross.  I talked about how life is inherently violent, how things take hold of us and direct us in ways we don’t want - and how it takes the power of the cross to break those things that seize us in life.

In other words how so many things in life take hold of us and cause formation in us, and how the cross is the source of power to break us free from those powers and transform us into a different identity as Christians.  (My slides for that talk are online here).

My second talk was titled “A Vision for the church: The community for transformation.”

It followed on from my first, and was about the Church - a vision for the Church from 1 Peter. I talked about how it takes a group to know a person, and it takes a community to know Jesus.

I also explored some of the current tensions around Church in modern relationships and how the Church remains vital to anyone ever becoming a Christian and growing in faith.

In other words, how the Church is the primary community and place for experiencing the power of the cross and for transformation.  (My slides for that talk are online here).