How to change a generation?: It still might surprise you

Back in November last year, I wrote about an amazing time we had in our Sunday worship service, with Krish Kandiah leading us.

Since then we’ve been playing catch up with what God was already doing.  We now have several people in our church fostering and adopting and considering fostering and adopting.

What has grippes us the most is the vision that we can all be engaged in this generation changing ministry.  Here is what we are pursuing together as a church family.

1. Kids experience: that the kids experience life in a church family and as part of  a church family whether that’s for a few weeks, or a few years

2. It takes a church to raise a child:  All our church members are able to support parents and families with skills and support resource needs (i.e accounting services, house alterations, child care etc)

3. Culture of Normal and Consideration:  That it would be normal for people in our church to consider fostering and adoption and want to be involved

4.  Home for Good with Local Authority:  Engage our local authority with us and other churches to address the local need for fostering and adoption

Father’s day is coming, take a look at the Home for Good resource for that Sunday.