London Church involvement is growing

I’m late to commenting on this, but London’s church involvement is growing.

1.  In the 7 years 2005 to 2012 church involvement in London grew from 620,000 to 720,000

2.  In that period, 3,000 churches closed and 1,000 started.

3.  The strongest growth comes from migration/immigration with Black and Ethnic Church growth, accounting for 50% of that growth.

London’s population has boomed recently growing from 8.3 million to nearly 10 million people.  Perhaps that additional 1.7 million people account for where most of this growth is coming from.

4.  Nearly 25% of all UK church involvement can be accounted for by Christians in London!

5.  50% of London churches are in outer London (where I live), but only account for 22% of those involved in Church.  Many of the churches in outer London are in decline and are not growing

So we have a two track London.  The white middle class suburbs where churches are declining (smaller churches are in decline, whilst bigger churches are seeing some growth), and the inner city urban areas, are rapidly growing due to migration/immigration.

We have over 200,000 people in the London Borough of Sutton where I live.  If the London average church involvement of 8.8% applied to our area, that would be nearly 18,000!  That would be a large number of people to bump into on a Sunday morning driving around Sutton!  Anecdotally, we have far less than that number involved in Church.

I have tried to do some demographics for the SW area of London that live in (Sutton).  Look up the total number of churches, then estimate from the personal contact we have the size of congregations and make use of annual reports from those churches.

I estimate that we are nearer to 4% of involvement in Church, in terms of church membership as percentage of population.  Then we probably have 2% of our population engaged in church participation weekly - 4,000 people - on a good Sunday.

Now the population of Arkansas USA is approximately 3 million people, with and estimate that 53% of people there are involved in church - over 1.5 million people.