How could the Church in the UK change a generation? The answer might surprise you

We showed this video during our mothering sunday services today, from Home for Good.  My friend Krish Kandia heads up and leads this wonderful initiative.

Last autumn we had Krish come to speak at our church, and had one of the most inspiring times we have ever had as a church community.  It was one of those times when we realised we were catching up with something God was already doing with us.

A sudden influx of new people to our church, along with several members of our church were considering fostering and adoption.  They all just happened to be in our service - where Krish spoke about our adoption in Christ and the vision for Home For Good.   

A simple but profound vision has now gripped our hearts.  

There are 15,000 children waiting for fostering and adoption in the UK.  There are 15,000 churches who are members of the Evangelical Alliance UK who set up Home for Good.  If each of those churches fostered/adopted one child each, this awful situation would be transformed.

So our church wants to help respond to this vision, and work with other local churches to see more children adopted and fostered.  Also we want a culture in our churches where fostering and adoption is seen as more ‘normal’ and not just something that super human people undertake.

Then there is the opportunity for our church community to support parents where live in all the challenges fostering and adoption brings.

And I imagine what the lives of young people might look like, finding family not just with adoptive/fostering families, but in the wider experience of a church family to love and nurture them.