Yes, Scotland please stay with us

So last night David Bowie asked Scotland to stay in the UK. Today the Guardian newspaper publishes a 76 point apology to the Scots from England.

All that seems to have added fuel, that produces more ‘heat’ with the Scots determined to gain independence. For me, it has made me realise more than ever, that I will be sad if Scotland leaves the UK.

The economic arguments are waging, political spin is on overload, with anger and bigotry turned up to number 10. It seems the referendum on independence will have little to do with reasoned debate and will be mostly about tribal passions.

The rational part of me, looks at the arguments and wishes Scotland well. If Scotland wants to be really independent, to leave, then I hope it goes and thrives. But I don’t support setting up a new currency zone with the pound, Scotland needs to take it’s share of UK debt, then it needs to apply to the EU and make it’s own way in the world.

The non rational part can all to easily, like most of the debate, default into rhetoric and resentment. But at heart I realise something else.

My grandparents were Scottish - just saying that probably makes me sound like David Cameron claiming Scottish ancestry. I took my honeymoon in Scotland, named my son after his Scottish forebears (Cameron). Some of my best friends are Scottish. Some of the best roads in the world to ride a motorbike on, are in Scotland.

In all that my desire for Scotland not to leave the union is far from rational. I don’t want Scotland to leave, I love Scotland and want it to continue as part of the UK.

Scotland, stay with us.