Be here now: where are you on Sundays?


Last Sunday I gave a talk about why my Church has Sunday worship meetings and why they are vital to Christian life and discipleship and evangelism.

I am convinced that meeting together for corporate worship is one of the most pivotal things for Christians to understand and engage with if they are ever to have a vibrant life of faith outside church, and a faith that impacts the community around them.

Churchless faith is a myth.  Or rather it might be the experience some choose to embrace (they enjoy it) as individuals but is not one that leads to the transformation of communities by Christians, and people becoming new christians.

Gathered worship sits at heart of being the body of Christ - like all the other gatherings that sit at the heart of our other lifestyle commitments and social arrangements.

You can hear my talk here.  I am going to make a short series laying out some of my experiences and research on worship that underpin that the next few weeks.

As I prepare that, I’ve noticed the online flurry of conversations Don Miller’s posts about not attending church has led to.

My immediate thoughts on that conversation where how reducing church to attendance of a Sunday service is the problem.  Those whose understanding of church as sundays service, either just turn up and attend, or end up not attending at all.  In other words those attending and those choosing not to attend are two sides of the same coin.  

Or to put it another way, those who reduce church to just attending a Sunday service are often the people who talk about stopping attending because church should more than a Sunday serivce.  A circular logic and experience.

Our understanding of Church has to be more than attendance.  But not gathering to avoid the boredom of attending, does very little to advance any understanding of church and being church.