The Dangerous Allure of “Sexy Christianity” - why I think this article is brilliant

Seems me putting this article by Kyle Donn on Facebook and twitter (I tweeted that it was ‘brilliant’) gave rise to some people less enamoured by the article, wondering why I thought so highly of it. 

So here are some of my thoughts as to why I liked it so much.  If you are going to respond in the comments please make sure a) you read the article and b) actually refer to it before making claims about it :-)


Any form of Christianity that wants Jesus, radically pursuing him is in danger of something due to that pursuit.  The mediums and experiences of our culture in pursuing Jesus can become something we love more than the Jesus that got us into our modes of expression in the first place.

In other words we can love the culture of our Cathedral architecture and choral music, more than the Jesus that birthed those contextual engagements in following Jesus.  We can love the size of our mega church, numbers of people, programs and resources, more than the Jesus we pursued in the first place that led to those radical cultural expressions.

And a warning from the author, owning his own generation and context.  The things he values and enjoys about his cultural expressions of Christianity - the thing he loves the most, that he and his friends think is amazing about the ways they are radically expressing their faith in a changing culture can get become something to love instead of the Jesus that gave rise to those expressions in the first place.

He doesn’t criticise the desire to be radical, or the modes within his own church life that he engages with- he affirms them clearly, but wants to stand back and make sure he and his peers don’t fall fowl of a problem that can affect us all; preferring our modes of worship, and culture of faith instead of the ongoing real costs of following Jesus.

In short, don’t mistake the ways we like following Jesus, for following Jesus.  He took aim at his own faith and context, honestly and openly, instead of criticizing others.  

Now that is ‘brilliant’.