What are your triggers for growth?

This past summer we conducted a survey of our church family, about their discipleship and growth.  Two key things came out of that survey.

Firstly people know the key triggers for their own growth, and indicated those are prayer, worship, teaching, and small groups.  They also indicated that whilst they knew those were the greatest triggers for growth, they were the ones they struggled the most to engage with regularly.

Secondly they indicated that being Christlike, have Jesus be their identity and central to how they live daily was the biggest gap in their growth.

So we have loaded the gun so to speak, for our Sunday services and small groups over the next few months, and invited people to pull the trigger on their growth.  We’ll be going through the whole book of Galatians to make that exploration.

We are going to explore why despite knowing the things that grow us we often don’t pursue them, and we are going to explore how being Christlike is key to pursuing those very things that grow us.  The two issues are related - doing what grows us and growing into Christlikeness.

The introduction to this season/series Sunday talks/teaching from Galatians are online here.