One of the most amazing things ever to happen in my church

I must admit to have heard about Home for Good from my good friend Krish Kandiah.  I know it’s a worthy project, and I wanted him to share with my church about it.

But our church is already engaged in so many other community and social action projects, that even with Krish as a friend, how would this be more than noise in the pile of new invitations that make their way into my inbox?

So last Sunday I had Krish speak and share in our morning service.  It was one of the most profound, powerful and moving times our church community has ever had.

Krish told his story about being adopted, and spoke from Galatians 4 about the experience available to us being adopted by God as our Father into His family.  Krish then interlaced that with sharing about the Home for Good vision and initiative to see how 15,000 churches in the UK could respond to the need for 15,000 children who are in need of fostering and adoption in the UK.

Some many things happened, but here from my perspective where the key ones that I observed and experienced.

1.  Gospel Power:  The invitation of the gospel to know and enter into a relationship of adoption, was palpable.  We could hardly breath as we sensed the holy spirit reminding us of who we are and can be in Christ.

2.  God’s timing:  Several people in our church have been becoming foster carers, and several other considering this.  The morning catalysed that for them, and they came forward, several of them in response.  One of those times when we realise that God is doing something already with people in our church that we need to catch up with.

3.  Worship and Mission go together:  The sharing of the word of God, the worship of some of his people with him, opened us to an experience of him, that then propels us out into Mission.  We are now exploring how to embrace Home for Good in our church, with a vision for our town, and even wondering what the impact could be through our church movement.

4.  The Presence of God:  We are a charismatic church, we believe God shows up and meets with us, goes before us and invites us, moves in power in our lives.  A friend came in late into the service, and commented that he knew something was going on when he got out of his car, he could feel the presence of God as he walked through the car park and into the entrance, long before he got into the space we were meeting in.

5.  There is nothing like the local church:  Churches are so often in the media, who love the stories of downfalls, disputes and conflict.  But what if the 15,000 churches in the UK amongst the Evangelical networks that exist, saw one child per church adopted and fostered.  That would be a very different story for people to see.  

Not to mention that one of the largest groups in the UK who are in prison, who struggle with addictions and benefit dependancy are people who went through the care system, without a home.  Imagine what it might do to a generation if the church provided a home to those kids before they arrived at that kind of expected future.

So what had seemed like a worthy project that I wondered how we might have time for, seems to be something God has for us and has prepared people in our church for already.  Then there is all God will continue to do with us for our adoption and identity with him.

So if you are reading this, why not invite Krish to speak at your church and with your network?  See what the Lord might do with and in your church too.

You can also listen to the talk by Krish from last Sunday here.