Giving into my addictions changed my life


I’ve always loved technology.  I built a computer when I was 11, programmed in machine code, and have always technology early when I could.

When I planted my current church in 1997, I embraced virtual officing and I have had a mobile phone since 1993.   I still remember my first blackberry and the wonder of push emails 24/7.

Now addictions to technology are a serious issue, and maybe my use doesn’t border on an addiction (you’d have to ask my wife).  But I have some serious technology habits and compulsions.

I have tried fighting them, the daily habit of rising and reaching for my phone.  After turning off my alarm, I check my emails, read my various feeds and updates.  I realise that this habit sets up my day in ways I don’t want.  I kid myself that I can do this every day and still get around to what I need to do.  And it doesn’t work, and no matter how hard I try, I still reach for that phone each morning!

So I’ve tried something else the last few weeks, I’ve embraced that habit and addiction, and fed it differently, and it has revolutionised my mornings and life.

I started with setting up an account with  I put into there, my daily habits I want to attend to.  For me those are prayer, reading my bible, reading something inspiring on leadership, memorising scripture and exercise.

So now when I reach for my phone, I have greet me, and see those habits that I need to tick off in order to start my day.

So instead of reading my email, I now compulsively do my other habits and compulsively tick them off on my app.

Then I’ve fed my addition and habit even more.  I’m reading the bible through with reading plan in the free You Version app.  I’m memorising bible passages by using the Nav Press topical memory system available on android and iPhone.  More things to tick, and complete on my phone.

But the outcome is not a sense of ticking things on my phone, it’s that my life has become full of the habits and practices I’ve wanted for so long.  

I’ve used one practice and habit to help me leverage new habits into my life.