Get dressed for the adventure of a lifetime: Galatians 3 and Xbox One

Yesterday in our Sunday service I asked how can Christianity compete with the kind of adventure and experience video game platforms like Xbox One are offering people.

For Microsoft and others are spend billions to invite us at the deepest levels of human desire into experiences that also makes them a great deal of money.

The recent Xbox one advert invites us into adventure, placing us at the centre of absorbing experiences, transforming and subverting the life we are currently leading.

A Titanfall mecha beckons a businessman to take the reins and power and rampage in the business district, Zachary Quinto’s Spock beams down rescuing a commuter, a coffee drinker in a piazza is invited into a Roman battle, a student is invited to leave the zombie like life of study for a real walking dead adventure, and a football fan is chosen to enter the field of play with his team, with recognition from all the other fans.

Maybe someone needs to produce an Xbox One game for Christianity.  If they did, what might it look like?  How about total immersion where Jesus appears and invites us to join him right where we are, for the adventure of a life time? Maybe that would included experiences where;

…there is a power at work bigger than our boss and financial pressures

…instead of a zombie like existence we are recruited into the battle waging around us

….instead of being a no-body in the crowd we are centre stage for saving the world

That is the invitation already made to us by Jesus!  Yet we miss it because all to often because we reduce Christianity to experiences to support the other lives we are trying to live.  We miss out the adventure we are invited into by Jesus, and settle for a simulated adventure on a screen and console.  

In Galatians 3:27 Paul uses one of his favourite metaphors for following Jesus, the invitation to be ‘clothed in Christ’.

We all the know the power of dressing, for work, for parties, for play, and rest.  Some of us put on real uniforms for the real authority they provide us in our work.  Like the Xbox One advert which invites us to put on new clothes, armour, take up a sword, or a gun.  

Jesus invites us to get dressed for the adventure of a lifetime.  

To transform us where we are right now.  For those moments at work where I am harried and under pressures of deadlines and finance, to be clothed in him, knowing I am not a pawn in the world of business.  As I commute to work, I am not zombie marking time until I retire, I am a soldier of Jesus Christ.

And this invitation is not a console game, it’s real, and it’s right now now no matter what we are facing.

So how do we get dressed for this adventure?  

We do it with others, who remind us who we really are in Christ, who help us take off the clothes that give us false identities and put on the clothes and identity of who we really are.  

That is what worship is about and for.

For we are all worshipping already, clothing ourselves in images, materials, with  imaginations about who we are and what life is about.

Maybe we’ll hear the invitation to the adventure of following Jesus, pull the trigger on that and get dressed with him and his people instead?

(Full talk I made is available here)