The end of American Protestantism - Stanley Hauerwas

A provocative (as you’d expect) article by Stanley Hauerwas.  It explores the history and make of protestantism in the USA and propose why it is dying.

"…Americans continue to maintain a stubborn belief in a god, but the god they believe in turns out to be the American god. To know or worship that god does not require that a church exist because that god is known through the providential establishment of a free people. This is a presumption shared by the religious right as well as the religious left in America. Both assume that America is the church….

I love America and I love being an American. The energy of Americans - their ability to hew out lives often in unforgiving land, their natural generosity - I cherish. But I am a Christian. I cannot avoid the reality that American Christianity has been less than it should have been just to the extent that the church has failed to make clear that America’s god is not the God we worship as Christians.”