Christian New Media Conference 9th November London: Reimagining Church

Date: Saturday 9th November 2013

Venue: The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD
Conference ticket: £35
Awards & Conference ticket: £89

What does the digital revolution mean for the way we do Church?

Old certainties and ways of operating have disappeared across business, education, entertainment and government. Those organisations that wish to thrive must reimagine how they serve and connect with people - or they lose relevance. The Church is no exception.

Through a mix of thought-provoking and practical sessions, together we are going to reimagine what it means to be the Church in a digital world. That’s Church with a big ‘C’, so if you represent a local congregation or denomination, are a blogger, work for a charity or are active online in any Christian context, this event is designed for you.

Join a host of 30+ expert speakers, including Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Katharine Welby, Kate Bottley and many more. Whether your interest is the theological issues involved, or a desire for practical advice, you’ll find sessions that reflect your needs. The conference caters for both beginners and the more experienced, so don’t miss out!

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"Excellent value for money, and a ‘must’ attend event. Networking opportunities excellent. Love it. Thank you so much!"

"Really excellent, will be recommending it becomes a compulsory staff training day for my team and I!"

"Excellent - well worth a 400 mile round trip"

"An opportunity to meet, discuss and receive new ideas. In a place where tweeting is not a hanging offence!"

"Thought provoking, challenging, educational and motivational

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