Autographer: Wearable Tech is on the rise

I have a device I wear on my wrist, it wakes me up with a vibrating alarm, and records my exercise and moods.  Wearable tech is on the rise, and is set to be the next big thing in technology.

Just released is Autographer, the wearable automatic camera.  It takes continuous hands free images, that you can then review and edit later on.

For some of my students I can see how this would be great for Visual Ethnography, recording an immersive experience, without having to hold a camera during interactions.

Also great for holidays and capturing moments you might otherwise miss.

But with the never ending rise of putting everything on facebook, its a new privacy nightmare.  We will have to learn some social etiquette for those times we do not want to be recorded.

Wearable tech means opting out rather than opting in, as we currently do with taking photos and videos.

Rachel Giles has written this interesting reflection on this new development for the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.