Solving problems with visual thinking @dan_roam

This summer term/semester, I have set the students I lead in the Leadership and Global Perspectives D.Min, some reading on Visual Ethnography (VE).  The students will be making a summary for me of their learning over the past year using VE.

Alongside that, as a change of pace in their summer term/semester, I’ve also had the students read The Back of the Napkin, by Dan Roam.  The students have been tasked with applying the ideas of this superb book to a problem they currently face, with their own napkin scribbles.  

You can see their scribbles here.

The idea is to engage their visual faculties as they reflect on situations they personally face.  It is also a warm up to a more personal engagement with VE later this term/semester.

Also looking at Dan Roam’s twitter feed, it seems he is holding a free event in London, 12th June this year.