The Future of Evangelicalism: respectful conversations

I’m looking forward to this conversation that starts online 1st of May for several reasons.

1.  Respectful Conversations:  Harold Heie has hosted some previous conversations around a model of respectful conversations.  The mission of Respectful Conversations is to create better ways for those who disagree to converse.  The topic of Evangelicalism’s future needs such conversation spaces.

2.  Contributors:  No doubt people will complain at the line up of primary contributors as lacking something, but they are great people, engaged in the future of Evangelicalism and able to contribute great discussion starting materials.  The focus is by their own admission US centric but many of the issues will translate across to UK, and other western contexts.

3.  Sub-topics:  The topics up for discussion within Evangelicalism look wide ranging.  It is a shame that ecclesiology (the church) is not one of those topics, however!