Society of Vineyard Scholars Annual Conference 2013, Anaheim, Conference Program


I’m looking forward to participating and presenting at the Society of Vineyard Scholars annual event this week.  The full schedule of presenters is here.

Will be good to catch up with friends in my tribe, hear their theological refections and try out some of my ideas on them.

I’m particularly looking forward to Ken Wilson’s paper on homosexuality on Friday.  I’ve just read it and it really is superb, in terms of theological engagement and pastoral reflection.

Then I am a respondent to Amos Yong friday morning.  His work has found it’s way into my PhD research, and it will be great to interact with him.

My own presentation is Saturday morning and is titled, ‘Worship as re-narration: The unique problems and possibilities of Charismatic Evangelical Worship in late capitalist society’.  I’ll upload it here later this week.