Most important talk of my life: A vision for the church - what story are you living?

Last week, I made a main stage talk at my denominations annual conference, that was for me one of the most important presentations I have ever given.

It summed up my experience as a church planter, and my theological reflections/research within that. It was part autobiography, part theological reflection and part pragmatic advice/coaching.

I set out a vision for how we much understand the church in our current context in ways that would respond to the biggest challenges we face for being church and church planting. I also made it in the hope that it would give hope and confidence to church planters and church leaders.

My nervousness was mostly that it was made to my Vineyard Church family, kind of like presenting to all your family. Mum and Dad, aunts and uncles, and siblings.

The reception to it was beyond my highest hopes and expectations. I hope you find it helpful too.