A vision for the Church: my manifesto


Next week I am speaking at the National Leaders Conference, for my denomination.  

We are a church planting movement, at a time when there has been great consternation and angst by Christians about the Church.  Where we once thought an apologetic for reaching non-christians was our greatest challenge, have found instead and all to often a need to justify Church to Christians.

Then there is our post-Christian secular context in which we are planting, trying to reach those who aren’t Christians.  Here we find overlapping deep suspicions of Church, and anything practiced with others, for the sake of others.

So for my teaching/talk, I’ll be exploring how we might have an understanding of Church; a vision that might help inspire us as church planters and gives us confidence for church itself and the planting of churches. A vision of the Church that at the same time considers and responds to some of the key challenges within these contexts.

Or to put it more personally, I’ll be sharing my deepest passions about Church, my theological understandings of what Church is, alongside my key lessons from Church planting for 16 years.

My talk takes place on Tuesday evening, 29th January, it will be live streamed as well as recorded.  You should be able to listen in and watch at the livestream feed here or it might be here instead.  When I arrive next week I’ll post an update for the streaming link here on my blog.