Come and See: Church in the Congregation

I spent the weekend speaking to a couple of hundred Vineyard Church leaders and pastors from the North of England.

The theme and focus was to help leaders think about whether their church is one to which people can easily be invited - “come and see” - and to equip people to actually leave the building and share their faith in their local communities and the market place - “go and tell”.

I was tasked with talking about the ‘come and see’.  I made two sessions the first about the false dichotomy between the congregation and the sharing of faith with others, and then about the nature of worship for formation and evangelism.

I also spoke at the Leeds Vineyard Church, about the power of the gospel for transformation, related to these other talks. The talk was titled, ‘finding myself in the gospel’.

As I promised everyone over the weekend, my talk notes and audio from the Saturday and Sunday are all here online.  The audio is recored on my iPhone so not that great.  If I get the proper recordings I’ll put them online as replacements.