Game theory suggests current climate negotiations won’t avert catastrophe

After my last post, interesting article sent to me by a friend, using game theory that reveals something about human nature.

It seems that even after agreeing to all contribute to avoid catastrophe, human nature got the better of participants, and they protected themselves.

Whilst the experiment concluded;

'Tests with real people confirmed an inability to resist temptation: The players proposed that everyone pay enough to make catastrophe unlikely, but then they pledged a bit less than that. And when it came time to pony up, they contributed far less still. Every time, the planet broiled.'

Christians have an understanding of that human nature, of why we are intrinsically bent on pursuing our own desires above all else.  Yet all too often Christians desire God as a support to those desires.

Desiring God should lead us to consuming the world in the way God would have us.  Learning to love and use the world rightly.