Culture eats strategy and vision for breakfast

“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast,” is an observation attributed to Peter Drucker and popularized in 2006 by Mark Fields, president of Ford Motor Company.

This axiom reveals something we’ve all experienced.  That you can have an inspiring vision and brilliant strategy to get there.  But that will never be realised if you have a culture that doesn’t support that.

We can have detailed vision and strategy plans for church.  Teach about what the gospel should be be, and have a road map for change.  But if fear, anxiety, protectionism, self interest, distrust are our culture, our best plans and visions will get ‘eaten for breakfast’ by that culture.

The LEAD academy recommend a book to me that addresses this challenge, Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code.  Despite the optimistic US title that grates a little on my UK ears, it’s a great book.  It explores how culture’s are formed in organisations and what processes bring real changes for culture.

So our church is exploring how with all the wonderful culture’s we already have, how there is a culture we want to change.  A survey the LEAD academy took for us, showed that our church family have very low confidence in sharing their faith in anyway with their friends, family and work colleagues.

Against that habitat/culture I can teach about the great commission until the cows come home.  If the daily experience of our church family is one of being unable to share their faith no amount of teaching will change that.  So we need a new environment, habitat and culture, and that takes time.

So that’s something our church is putting it’s focus into the next few years.  For the survey we took also showed that our church members were widely and deeply connected to the outside world. And one of the highest motivations listed by our members was to be able to share their faith with others.

What a wonderful opportunity to enter into and explore together.