94% of UK young people will never find faith of any kind

Good summary of David Kinnaman in You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving Church … and Rethinking Faith.  Apparently Six in 10 young people in the US will leave the church permanently or for an extended period starting at age 15 (according to new research by the Barna Group).

That caught my eye, after having read data and commentary on the even bleaker state of religion and faith in the UK from the British Social Attitudes Survey. With most young people in the UK having no church contact at all, 94% of them will never find their way into any faith, let alone Christianity.

My church community is stuffed with young children at an intense ratio of 1 child for every 2 adults in the church.  We’ve been focusing again recently on the challenges they face as they enter the 13-15 year tweenage years.  Seems these surveys confirm what we already new anecdotally.

Isolationism. One-fourth of 18- to 29-year-olds say church demonizes everything outside church, including the music, movies, culture, and technology that define their generation.

Shallowness. One-third call church boring, about one-fourth say faith is irrelevant and Bible teaching is unclear. One-fifth say God is absent from their church experience.

Anti-science. Up to one-third say the church is out of step on scientific developments and debate.

Sex. The church is perceived as simplistic and judgmental. For a fifth or more, a “just say no” philosophy is insufficient in a techno-porno world. Young Christian singles are as sexually active as their non-churched friends, and many say they feel judged.

Exclusivity. Three in 10 young people feel the church is too exclusive in this pluralistic and multi-cultural age. And the same number feel forced to choose between their faith and their friends.

Doubters. The church is not a safe place to express doubts say over one-third of young people, and one-fourth have serious doubts they’d like to discuss.

—Adapted from a list by David Kinnaman in You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving Church … and Rethinking Faith