The New Eugenics: Paralympic Superhumans vs termination of disabled foetuses

I was very moved by this Channel 4 video in the run up to the Paralympics.  The London Paralympics were sold out and a huge success, and seem to have provided a sea change in attitudes.  See this article for example.

I heard from family and friends more stories of excitement and celebration about paralympians than for the olympians.

Yet at the same time, the termination of imperfect foetuses develops, as we find more ways to determine how to avoid having ‘imperfect’ babies.  Amy Becker within intense personal experience, tells some of the story of how and why this is taking place.

Maybe the Paralympics this year saw a surge in support due to a world finally growing tired of the idea of perfection and designer lives, and saw in these athletes something truely human and inspiring.

Something to contrast the ongoing sterilisation of life that does not confirm to consumer idealisations about what family and a good life might be.