Singing politicians and apologies that make things worse

The liberal democrats were formed in 1988, and I have voted for them since I turned 18.  And their policy on student fees and education was one of the main reasons I voted for them for all my adult life.

I’m one of those people who read manifestos, who posted leaflets during elections for the Lib Dems, and sat in local hustings.

Then they get into power with the current UK coalition government and abandon their policies and pledges in a heart beat.  

The apology from Nick Clegg, along with this ‘auto-tune’ version that he has allowed for charity, has gone viral.

Yet for me, it seems pointless, and sticks in my craw.  

For my daughter started university this week, the ink still dry on the £27K ($43k) extra in student loans she will have to pay.

I never imagined in all those years supporting the Liberal Democrats that my children would go to university with the Lib Dems in government.  I also never imagined it would be the Lib Dems who would drive through the marketisation of university fees, with an abandonment of over 20 years of policy promises.

So I find myself as a parent and Lib Dem supporter feeling rather mocked by all this.  And in terms of analysis I find myself agreeing with Iain Martin at the Telegraph.