Is it time to ban Christmas?

I love advent the ordering of my weeks at the end of the year around remembering the coming of Christ into the world and my own life.

Yet I increasingly loath the obligations of celebrating Christmas, the binging expenditure and disformation of time.

My post box and inbox are already facing the onslaught of Christmas enticements for meals and parties, food and drink.  And this started back in August :-(

And it seems Christians are sucked into Christmas as much as other people.  The sundays in the run up to Christmas day, filled with almost anything other than adventival space time realities.  

Interesting with that in mind, that Martin Lewis, money expert and TV show commentator on personal finance, has asked if there is something seriously unhealthy with Christmas.  And his arguments are not from a Christian perspective, but are ones I find myself agreeing with strongly.

As a family we have asked each other what would it look like for Christmas to be a celebration of Advent and not a huge money and time expense around what seems to be a consumer festival now?

The consensus with our kids seems to be enjoying some TV scheduling, christmas day family meal, and the worship services in the run up to Christmas.  I hope we can live up to that this year.