A New Age of Miracles: the need for miracles?

Interesting article in Christianity Today about the problems many Christians have with believing in the miraculous, and its importance for the growth of the Christian faith.

So many angles to take on this one, but one I’ll try one here.  

Increasingly I am convinced the the autonomous self, the isolated consumer individual, obsessed with a voluntaristic lifestyle, is unable to resist the pathologies (the worst aspects) of western life styles.  

The nature of agency/identity in the modern and now post-modern milieu is so anomic and obsessed with self creation, it can’t do much more than pick and mix what it wants, when it wants it.

Within this miracles are either a nice resource from God to help us with the lives we are self creating, or a troublesome intervention of God as an alien will.

An experience of God where we realise that we are not the centre of life, but he is God, and we are his subjects is something Martin Luther talked about.  Referencing Augustine, he talked about the Holy Spirit seizing us (literally the word ‘rapt’ from which we get the word rapture) into real freedom.  The freedom that is not about my choice, but about being God posessed.

Only then can we stop being self made and become God made.  Maybe our self created lives, leave little room for the miraculous;  the involvement of the Holy Spirit in creating us in God’s image.

Maybe we need the Spirit to help us become more God possessed instead of self possessed.  And perhaps miracles follow wherever that is taking place?