Of Markets and Men (24 Sept 2012) - LICC event


    Of Markets and Men (24 Sept 2012)

    Mervyn King referred to the economic bail-out as 'the biggest moral hazard in history'. Of Markets and Men, James Featherby's latest book, gives a robust reflection on the current state of UK financial markets - honed by 30 years of corporate law in a leading City firm and shaped by passionate belief in God's purposes for business and finance in contributing towards a better world.

    Join James as he explores what has contributed to our current experience of aggressive capitalism; what can be done to temper the effects of mega-business, debt and speculative trading; and how biblical wisdom helps us as we seek to influence the future as Christians in the marketplace.

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    Date: Monday 24 September, 6:30-8:30pm

    Venue: LICC HQ, St Peter's, Vere Street, London, W1G 0DQ

    Cost: £7 (£5 concession)

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