How worship works: One of the greatest texts I have read to date #dminlgp @james_ka_smith


Jamie Smith continues to grow in influence and output with his theology and writing.  His book Desiring the Kingdom was a hugely influential book for me and for many of my friends.

But his latest book, Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works is one that has helped my thinking and faith like no other.  It's one of those books that has changed me for the rest of my life.

Not much comment on content from me there, but the desire on my part to express my excitement about a book that I feel will be very significant and also help the practice of faith immensely.  Jamie's work will form a key place in my PhD (which I am 4.5 year into of 6 years, the end is in sight!).
It's available for pre-order and near the time it comes out I will make a detailed review of it.  I suspect the Church & Pomo site will feature a series of reviews and discussion on it too (Jamie is currently discussing one of his books 'The Fall of Interpretation').