Commodore 64 turns 30: What do today's kids make of it?


The BBC have run this article about the Commodore 63 being 30 years old, showing what happens when school kids today get to see it in action.  Mind you 1982 was a year when lots of personal computers began, including the ZX Spectrum.  

The first computer I had at home was that year, the Dragon 32.  The next was the computer of choice amongst all my friends, the Amstrad CPC in 1984.  Back to The Future arrived in cinemas a year later and Top Gun in 1986.

Things I remember most about my Dragon 32, were the tape player to load games, Donkey King, and having to drive to Cambridge with my parents to find some strange shop that sold the Dragon 32.  I got to sit in that shop the other week, it's now a Cafe, opposite King's College
It's hard to remember a pre-internet time.  And most of all, I have no idea how my parents would have known where to find a shop selling computers in Cambridge?  Maybe Yellow Pages, and calling around by telephone?