What got you got you here won't get you there #dminlgp


I've often been bothered by the whole strengths finder phenomena (http://www.strengthsfinder.com/home.aspx). For for as helpful as I've found Strengths Finder, it often seems to be used as an excuse by people wanting to ignore their glaring deficiencies.

The mantra 'I'm focusing on my strengths' is an easy excuse for ignoring huge issues that stop us developing. Not the fault of Strengths Finder, just human nature, and our desire to ignore feedback on our weaknesses.

So I found this book 'What got you you here won't get you there', by Marshall Goldsmith very helpful.  The book explores how successes we have are often in spite of bad habits we have. And how we might need to address some of those habits to move forwards.

The method of the book reminded me of the natural church development barrel and staves. If our lives are the barrel, we can only fill them up as far as the shortest stave allows.

The book is also immensely practical for how we can address the weaknesses and poor habits we might identify.

The is also a graphic novel version (and kindle versions of that too).

Now time for me to get some feedback from others on my bad habits and weaknesses, starting with my wife ;-)