Theo-economics Conference: Theology and Economics - July 2 - 5


I've helped plan and organise this conference on the interface between theology and economics that starts today.  Prof. Dr. Hans G. Ulrich is our plenary and key speaker.

I'm taking part in chairing, responding to speakers, and then in writing for the book that we hope comes from the event.  We've a great line up of people presenting who are either christian economists, or theologians with an interest/specialism in Economics.  We are exploring the interface between theology and economics (theo-economics) and then how that might help us understand and respond to current economics concerns and issues.

All to often theologians critiquing capitalism as labelled as socialists who don't live in the real world, and theologians are frustrated that economists present economics as natural realities which they think are far from natural.  We are hoping for some understanding of each other, that will help us hear each other and at the same enable us to explore contemporary problems together.