Understanding Atonement: great new resource from Mike McNichols #dminlgp


Mike McNichols is one of my best friends and favourite people in the world.  He and I completed our Doctor of Ministry degrees together at George Fox back in summer of 2006.  Mike is the Director of the Fuller Seminary's California Coast regional campus.

Mike has had an ongoing interest in the debates around atonement within evangelical and emerging/missional contexts.  After publishing several other books Mike's latest book centres on the atonement.

It really is very good.  It's accessible, well written and deals not only different understandings of the atonement but connects those to current debates and considerations.  So for anyone wondering what atonement is and what all the debate in the last few years has been about this is a must read.

Order in the UKOrder in the US.  Follow those links and you'll find kindle versions available too.

Here is the commendation and endorsement Mike's publisher Wipf & Fi asked me to write for the book:


"With all the current posturing and heated arguments over the nature of the atonement, this book is a welcome response and balm. McNichols invites us to explore again the depths of the cross, whilst ably guiding us through the views of the atonement. But most importantly, his navigation leads us not to more heated debate, but the ability to understand all sides with a renewed confidence in the atonement, and of how we might live and declare it to others."

—Jason Clark, coauthor of Church in the Present Tense