Church planting resources UK #dminlgp


As our church seeks to understand the context that our Church plant is in, and the nature of mission to our town on the edge of London, Jeremiah 29 has become a key bible passage for us. Seeking the welfare of our town has been at the heart of our developing identity and mission.  More recently as a church family we have been exploring what it might mean for seeking the welfare of our city to extend to a concern and involvement for London more broadly.

As part of that expanding concern, I got to spend some time with Andrew Jones who planted Grace Church Hackney.  Andrew also co-ordinates the London network for City to City Europe, part of the larger international Redeemer City to City church planting network.

Redeemer City to City are very involved with an understanding of urban church planting and mission, within the remit of Jeremiah 29.  They also have a wealth of experiences, and superb resources that have already been helpful to our Church plant.  

It was wonderful to hear from Andrew, how City to City are helping church planters and church planting networks relate, resource and share with each other.  I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other groups, and networks connecting to each other through City to City, and learning from them.

As our church seeks the welfare of our locality, much of that takes place through deep and wide partnerships with other local churches.  Extending that practice and concern into London more widely will involve more of the same.