A Crash Course in Theology: VCUK HUB training #dminlgp #vcuki #VCUKIHub


My denomination/family/tribe is the Association of Vineyard Churches UK and we've recently been forming regions in the UK into Hubs for training.  Tomorrow I'm back with and looking forward to a day with the HUB in Leicester, around the topic and theme of 'A Crash Course in Theology'.

Last November I did a session for the Leicester HUB, that was a short and a personal orientation to 'why bother with theology?'.  I've been asked to repeat that session at several HUBs this year and into next.  Tomorrow's crash course builds on that previous presentation.
I'm going to be pointing the guys taking part to this blog post, for a summary and details of some of the resources I'll be referring to.
We are going to have three sessions, each session centred around discussion and questions to connect what people already know, with the the learning from the day and the contexts they are in.  I've recommended a small list of books to follow up each session, so people engage further.
As for the three sessions, they will be as follows:
1. Introduction to Theology: What is theology, who does it, methods and practices, tasks, types and resources for theology?
2. Some basics of theology:  Showing those methods and practices for learning about key theologies of Jesus, Salvation and The Holy Spirit
3. Theology In Practice: Theology for difficult pastoral questions, dealing with controversial/ethical issues - how can theology help us?  Using topics and issues suggested by people present, we'll explore how what we did in sessions 1 & 2 can help us explore the issues that concern them the most.
Books and resources
James William McClendon, 'Systematic Theology:Ethics 1/3"

My personal notes with all the caveats of them being draft, being full of typos and being made without any concern for those who might read them other than me, are here.