A visit from an old friend - Carl Tuttle


Carl Tuttle stopped by and led an evening with our worship leaders and larger leadership community.  Often given the nickname 'the father of vineyard worship' you can't tell the story of how Vineyard Churches began, and our worship practices without talking about Carl.

Carl is one of my heroes.  One of the biggest influences in my early christian life to consider and explore church planting.  And one of the biggest inspirations for how to communicate with others about a passionate relationship with Jesus.

I haven't heard Carl speak for just over 15 years.  I was so wonderful to hear him again after all this time.

Carl shared his testimony, his early conversion, the heyday of life in the Vineyard Church movement, and the transition into the last 15 years.  That last 15 years was a move from a position of privilege in church ministry to one of abject misery and loss, due to his brokeness and sin.

Carl was my hero in those early days of my Christian life.  When I had a breakdown just over 10 years ago with some major mental health issues, it was Carl who called me and eased my pain.  When I was struggling with panic attacks he told me stories about his that had me laughing.  Even then I could draw comfort from someone who had gone to a more painful place than me and was still finding Jesus.

And as he told his story last night, warts and all.  I was left with the continuing impression that he remains very much one of my heroes and inspirations for pursuing Jesus.