Understanding Christian A/Theism #dminlgp

I reviewed Pete Rollins latest book a few weeks ago, for The Church & Pomo site, and that prompted a good discussion. I noted there that I wished someone with a better grasp of philosophy would respond to Pete's philosophical method.

In particular the A/Theism (a form of Christian atheism) undergirds a lot of Pete's work.  You can catch Pete talking about it here.

James K. A. Smith, offered a lecture at the University of Ottawa in 2010 entitled “Beyond A/Theism: Postmodernity and the Future of God.”  It offers a direct introduction to understanding the philosophers behind the A/Theism project, and indirectly sheds some light on where people like Pete Rollins are coming from.

You can catch some more info and the video at the Church & Pomo site.  I've direct linked to the video in my post too.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/17928669 w=500&h=283]