An atheist on a mission, speaking to the LGP D.Min #dminlgp

Peter Boghossian is an atheist on a mission. Peter is a Philosopher and professor, who believes that faith is a 'cognitive sickness', that he wants to convert his students away from.  You can listen to Peter speaking about this here.

Thanks to an idea by and the initiative of my friend and colleague Cliff Berger, we've invited Peter to interact with the students on the D.Min in Leadership and Global Perspectives, that I lead for George Fox.  Peter has kindly agreed, and is immediately surprised that a group like ours would want to listen to him.  

I think within that we are already bumping into the issue of how atheists often miss understand the religions they attack and the nature of faith. The explorations of the problems of faith are intrinsic rather than inimical to Christian faith, at least for many of us.  I don't have faith that helps me avoid science, reason, suffering, but one that embraces and integrates it as my whole faith position.

So Peter will be recommending some books for us to read, and online media, and then he will take part in an online chat with our students this coming summer term/semester.  You will be able to join in with that reading, and the follow up discussions by the D.Min students here.

I'll also post updates here on my blog.  A wonderful chance for us to try to understand the New Atheism better and I hope an opportunity for Peter to understand faith with us.