#dminlgp leadership and global perspectives doctoral program has new home - follow along with us


I posted the other day a list of the books the current Leadership and Global Perspective students are going through with me this term/semester.  If you are interested in reading any of those books, you can dialogue with us online over them.

All the students (who are from different countries around the world) make posts through facebook, twitter and blogs, that are all collected in one place for you to see, www.dminlgp.com.  You can read the thoughts of the students and you can take part in the online conversations with them.  You can find previous reading and resources from the program online at the site here.

Also the site has had a makeover with it's new URL, and some videos from students about the program, along with a refresh of the interface that makes it look even better.

So do take a look, join in with us, and if you think others would like the site, spread the word.  And why not think about joining the program itself?