Why is theology so disconnected from the church? #dminlgp

The premise of the conference I have just been to, was to ask how is academic theology connected to the wider worshiping church community. (http://theologyphilosophycentre.co.uk/2011/09/13/sst-postgraduate-conference-theologians-and-the-church/)

It was a rich time stuffed with papers and people.  Most encouraging was that an event that expected 20 people initially had to be capped and closed off at over 100.  I got to hear from and talk in person with people doing postgraduate theology at the most elite universities in the UK.  All expressed the desire and need to connect to the church.  In fact it semed that it was this ground swell of desire that had led to the event being oversubscribed.

I'll be writings some reflections on the content of the conference in the next few days.  But meantime I thought I'd ask you, two questions:

1.  Why is academic theology so disconnected from church?
2.  What might better connect it into the wider church?