Theologians and the Church #dminlgp


I'm at this event in Edinburgh Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th December, and looking forward to it.

The plenary speaker is, Professor Graham Ward (Manchester).  A roundtable discussion includes:Professor Oliver O’Donovan (Edinburgh), Professor Janet Soskice (Cambridge), Revd Dr Harriet Harris (Edinburgh).
Some of the papers include these topics and themes:

1. Theology in the pulpit
2. The importance of tradition to theological reflection
3. Relationship between ecclesial and professional spheres
4. Historical evolution of the role of theology/theologians in Church life
5. Ecumenism and missiology
6. Theology and interfaith dialogue
7. Apologetics, catechesis and education in the Church
8. Discipleship and spiritual formation
9. The pastor-theologian
10. Church and theology in contemporary society
11. Theology and Holy Scripture in the Church
12. Theology and liturgy/worship
I'll be writing a summary blog post about what comes out of the even for the Church & Pomo site, and will post that here too.