Can faith and learning be combined? #dminlgp


Just arrived on my desk, I've been looking forward to this book for some time.   Teaching and Christian Practices is must read for anyone wanting to explore how we might combine Christian religious practice with Christian pedagogy.  Whilst focused on undergraduate Christian education in a classroom context, it has wider ranging implications for anyone wanting to understand and explore how theological education and christian practices might combine.

I'll give it a detailed review early next year, with an eye to the D.Min in Leadership and Global Perspectives (LGP) that I lead.  The LGP is centred around a pedagogy of 'reflective practice', of experiential and reflexive learning.

More details about Teaching and Christian Practices:

Consisting of 11 essays, authors discuss, theorize, and debate the ways in which the task of melding practice and education together in the classroom can be accomplished. It contains essays from some of today's leading pedagogical specialists, on topic such as spiritual formation through reading sharing meals to encourage healthy eating, or thinking through the the implications of biblical hermeneutics for use in analyzing economic data. A wonderful book that is as stimulating as it is helpful and informative for teachers, professors, and anyone interested in the Christian teaching task.Contributors Include:

James K.A. Smith
Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung
David I. Smith
Carolyne Call
Julie A. P. Walton
Matthew Walters
Paul J. Griffiths
Ashley Woodiwiss
Glenn E. Sanders
Matthew Walhout
Kurt C. Schaefer